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Sexual health. Stay protected.

Sex is one of the main aspects of human life, and it is meant to be a pleasureable, fulfilling experience of connecting with another person or with oneself. Besides old taboos established by cultural and religious belief in the past, happily in the 21st century the issue of human sexuality is becoming more and more open for everyone to experiment and to learn about.

However, all coins have two sides. Sexual activity has its risks. The two main problems that sex could imply are unwanted pregnancy and Sexually Transmited Diseases (STDs). This does not mean that people should not have sex at all; but it just implies that we all should take care when we do it, so the fun is not spoiled by this unwanted consequences.

Who is at risk?

Technically, anyone who has sex is exposed to certain hazzards. Of course, the context varies and so do the risks. A touch-and-go couple is more exposed to unwanted pregnancy than a well established young marriage, just because in the second case pregnancy is less likely to be unwanted. People with multiple sexual encounters are more likely to get an STD than monogamic people. Everyone should be aware of the level of risk that they face and take action to protect themselves and the ones they are with. Read More...

Japanese Mushroom Extract HPV Cure

What is HPV?

One of the most common sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the United Kingdom is genital warts which are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). There are many different types of this virus; however, only two types causes genital warts – type 6 and type 11. This virus is transmitted from one person to the next through sexual contact. In most cases, just skin to skin contact is needed in order to transfer the virus. Contracting the virus does not necessarily mean that you will automatically develop genital warts. Sometimes you contract the virus and it will go away without any treatment and without you developing genital warts. If the virus does lead to you developing genital warts, you will see small and fleshly bumps or growth around the genital area. The warts can grow internally as well as externally and will require treatment in order to go away. For further information regarding genital warts and  visit this Emabarassing Illness Website.

The Importance of Medical Intervention

If you are suffering from genital warts, medical intervention can prove to be very helpful. Two of the proven medical interventions that work quicker for genital warts are Aladra and Warticon. These are the two leading products; however, they are only available on prescription. Aldara is a cream that contains imiquimod which is an immunomodulator. An immunomodulator is a medicine that works by stimulating the immune system and this is exactly what the Aladra cream does. It binds itself to the immune cells in the skin of the affect area and causes them to release a natural defense chemical known as cytokines which fight viral infections by preventing the multiplication of the virus. Read More...

PrEP Study Shows Promise for STI prevention

Tackling STIs

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) have raised their incidence in the United Kingdom during the last decades, due to social changes in sexual behavior as well as other factors of importance. They have become a relevant matter for the public health system, as well as a great business niche for private companies. Sexual education, STI testings and treatments, and scientific studies are targeting sexually transmitted infections.

STIs can be caught by any sexually active person, even if some of them can also be transmitted via other means, like blood. However, certain people are at higher risk of catching an STI, due to their sexual behavior. Conditions that increase the probabilities to become infected with a disease are called risk factors, and some of them for STIs are: having more than one sexual partner, having unprotected sex, and having anal sex - which is more likely to transmit diseases due to the anatomophysiology of the rectum. This last case is especially common among gay men, so the male homosexual community is considered a high risk sector of the population. Read More...

People Turning to Private Healthcare

Healthcare for everyone, is that possible?

Appropriate healthcare is one of the main rights of a citizen, and it should be provided by all states, or at least each country should have some sort of efficient heathcare system. People get injured and sick and they need help; also, they must be educated on prevention, profilaxis and a healthy lifestyle. In the United Kingdom, the National Health System provides all these services, and it should do so with all citizens that are in need of this sort of care.

Ideally, everyone, no matter their age or place of residence, not even their level of income, should have access to proper healthcare. However, this has proven not to be possible. We are all human beings, and we have limitations, the same happens to all systems we create. In order to provide proper healthcare to the population, we need a nationwide network with abundant hospitals and GPs, all medical supplies on stock, and an efficient communication and appointment system.  Read More...

PrEP Could Be Made Available on the NHS

The decision of NHS to give this drug to gay men has successfully been challenged in court. Nonetheless, the provision of PrEP faces other obstacles.

A HIV-preventive drug, PrEP could get the go ahed on the NHS after a HIV/AIDS charity successfully challenged the issue in court.

The England NHS, in May, decided that there would be no more provision of PrEP, a drug that prevents HIV infection. Barely one week after, NAT (National AIDS Trust) NAT brought the action that is leading to the NHS review. Read More...

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