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"Issues of health are serious and often debated within the closed rooms or even shouted out loud. You may think that you took the best health precautions but will be amazed to see how close you are to contracting microbial diseases. You may take care of personal hygiene but not everyone you meet is as serious about health as you are. How do you protect yourself when you live in a co-habitation?"

Scottish Microbiology has set out to take the task of educating the community in its own hands. They do regular programs, seminars, events, road shows and even seek volunteers who will help them through this noble task. Their idea is to spread the world about general hygiene, how to protect one from microbial/infectious diseases and how to make sure that they are living a clean lifestyle so that they don’t jeopardize their health as well as that of others.

The most common diseases that are a direct consequence of unhealthy life style and unsanitary conditions are:


It is the deadliest of all diseases and the virus makes your body incapable of fighting the infections. You soon succumb to this lethal contagion and die an untimely death. The biggest cause of HIV/AIDS is unsafe sex, use of infected syringe or any other means from which the lethal virus enters your body. It will not be a very delightful picture when you can’t even fight the most common diseases and your body just slowly becomes a victim of one disease after another.

Haemorrhagic Fevers

Perhaps the ugliest disease, not that any disease is ever pretty, but this one can be contracted by virus from animal faeces and can enter your system through air or direct contact with the infected person. When infected, it causes internal bleeding and one dies by drowning in their blood!


It is contracted by saliva of a dog infected by rabies and attacks the nervous system. When the virus reaches the brain, it then becomes deadly enough to kill you.

Mad cow disease

This disease spreads into humans through contaminated meat and can cause the affected person nervous disorders, dementia and even death in extreme cases.


This disease may not be highly infectious but can be spread in place where there is poor hygiene and unsanitary living conditions. It may have been checked over the years but the disease still exists in some parts of the world.


A disease that is spread through humans is caused by mosquito bites. It causes the swelling of the limbs due to retention of fluid in the system. The swelling can happen in other areas too. It can be caused in arms, breasts and even genitals.

Our little missteps in terms of general hygiene can wreak havoc in our body and cause some life threatening diseases that are communicable. This is the reason why it is utmost important the people are well informed about the potential dangers.


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